The Twisted Halo Natural Hair Style

The Twisted Halo

The Twisted Halo Natural Hair stye

Feel like a Queen with these beautiful flat twists
Inspired by the Grecians it’s so easy to create.
Throw in some bold pieces, they suit this look
(hanging earrings and bright flower hair accessories).
You shouldn’t have to look any further than your hair draw to get going with this one

Products and Accessories Used

Eco Styler Styling Gel from Cosmetic Solutions

Jumbo Bobby Pins from NM Beauty

Vintage Crystal Blooms and Butterfly Hair Slides from Ebuni or Crystal Butterfly Hair Clip from Glitz4Girlz

HairTip: This hairstyle is much easier to do on stretched hair. Heat can be used but it’s not necessary, plait your hair a few hours or days before you intend to twist it up 😉

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2 thoughts on “The Twisted Halo

    • naturalprideblog says:

      Thank you! 🙂 As a matter of fact we do have a Senegalese tutorial which will be posted tomorrow and Senegalese styles later in the week. If you have a twitter account I can tweet it to you when it’s out


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