Signature Turban Bun

ignature Turban Bun NaturalPride

This must-have ‘hairstyle’ is one of the trendiest styles to rock right now, whether your hair journey is in full flow or your hair follicles are remembering the times from yesteryear (big chop). Long gone are the days when you could only wear your scarf for bedtime hair protection; the Turban Bun is a sign of sheer uniqueness and all-round confidence. Go rock it girl!

Products Needed

Bright orange pashmina scarf from ebay
These scarves can also be found in local generic shops


Hair preparation: To achieve this look your hair can be in any style as long as you make it lie flat. To avoid your hair slipping out especially at the back place in a high forward pony tail before you begin and bobby pin any loose hairs. 

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Gelda Multi Buckle Heels

Grab these babies before Summer lands on us. Made with approximately 100% leather and  4.5inch heel, you can strut in style. No risk of your foot sliding out with SIX  buckles gripping them securely to your feet.
Available in Nude or Black for £65.00 now at Topshop.

A soft pearl finish nail polish goes great with Nude open toe heels

Nude Gelda multi buckle heels Topshop

Nude Gelda multi buckle heels Topshop

Bring this black pair to life with a bold nail polish. Go the distance and opt for red 😉

Black Gelda Multibuckle heels topshop

Black Gelda Multibuckle heels topshop


Don’t let these beauties pass you!!

Curluscious Talks Event Review

This fantastic event Curluscious Talks, had a room full of Naturalistas buzzing with excitement.  I was greeted with a warm welcome from the event Organisers Mrs B and Mrs C. My pen and pad at the ready, these ladies took us through a well-orchestrated slide show which addressed key hair issues and provided tried and tested solutions.

Curluscious Talks Event Review

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Wrap and Dine – Part 1

Wrap and Dine Natural Hair EventSunday 31st March 2013
4.00pm – 7.00pm

Located near Tulse Hill Station
Enjoy 1 and half hours of head wrapping followed by a delicious two course vegetarian meal.
The workshop includes:

  • Wraps for use on the day
  • Demonstrations of Head wrapping Basics 
  • Simple starter Head wrap Styles
  • History of Head wrapping
  • Putting Theory to Practice

More information and tickets >>Here<<


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Senegalese Twist Styles: Part 2

Following on from Part 1 where we showed you how to do Senegalese Twists it is now time to style them up!

If you’ve got your twists in now, fab! If you haven’t got around to it yet or your still a bit unsure if this is the one for you, check out the great styles you can create once your all twisted up AND how to do them:

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Must See: Afro Hair Come Back

Check out the BBCs take on the natural hair movement. Is it becoming a global trend…


I’ve had my fair share of ‘bun ups’ from the hot comb lol, way back when the hot comb was actually heated on the stove! Just thinking about it now makes me quiver; I remember hearing my hair sizzle before it fell to the ground. Luckily enough, my hair has now fully recovered and is larger than life 😉
Do you have any similar stories?

Senegalese twists tutorial NaturalPride

Senegalese Twist Tutorial: Part 1

Senegalese twists tutorial NaturalPride

Following the success of the Mini Twists tutorial the Senegalese ‘how-to’ has been requested. This is a protective hairstyle, very good if you want to give your hair a break. The combination of the extensions twisted in with your hair reduces noticeable frizz caused by weekly washes. These twists can usually last between 4 – 8 weeks when looked after right. If you want to add a bit of length or colour to you hair without any permanent changes go ahead and get twisting 😉

Products Used

Eco Styler Styling Gel from Cosmetic Solutions

(Similar extensions to the pack used in the video) Xpression from Your Hair and Beauty

Tutorial Video

Caution ❗ If like many of us particular parts of your hair are weak or your hair-line, try your best not to twist those areas to tight. The extra weight from the extensions can cause hair to break from the root if done too tight. 

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Hot Men Monday: Hairspiration

Can we please take a moment for our natural hair brothers who are giving me life this morning! They are representing fully from hair to physique, scroll down and let us know which one tickles your fancy. (I couldn’t choose, I got me a shortlist) lool 😉

Male Hairspiration NaturalPride

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