Black Castor Oil

For us natural product junkies out there, a product which has been on the tip of everyone’s (ok not ‘everyone’s’, but a fair amount of people’s) lips is Black Castor Oil (BCO).

tropic isle living jamaican black castor oilSunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The properties that are associated with this natural oil are endless but the general consensus is that it will help those who suffer from Traction Alopecia and hair thinning, producing visible results in short spaces of time.

As more people are turning to natural products instead of chemically based products, BCO has had its’ profile raised within the market with many realising the pros of this organic gateway to healthy hair.

Pros of BCO:

– Encourages new hair growth in short spaces of time
– Helps repair hair damage
– Allows the hair to become more manageable and softer in its’ natural state
– The user may notice that the product makes the hair take on a darker appearance over time

Cons of BCO:

– Depending on your budget, BCO can be seen as reasonable or a little expensive for a small amount of product – approximately £8.99 in most hair shops for a 240ml bottle
– Users have stated that the product itself has an unpleasant smell (which will make the product counter-productive if you feel the need to cover it with another product to mask the scent).

The pros of this oil far outweigh the cons, as maintaining natural hair is an investment of time, energy and love because of its’ sheer fragility. If BCO is an easy way to make those curls pop, hairstyles rock and get your texture softer than before, then I’m in!

Maria Kerr


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