Don’t Bug Me!

I said her hair looked nice and she threw me shade!

Don't Bug Me

I just saw a woman at the station with really thick beautiful natural hair in ringlets, spiralling down her back. I walked up to her and said “Your hair is gorgeous, do you know if it is 4a, b, c etc?”. This is the first time I’ve ever reached out to a Naturalista and been given the cold shoulder, her face was made up and her body language said “why are you bothering me, go away!”

Which makes me question, I know we are very keen and enthusiastic about our natural hair journeys, which is great but are we wrong to want to share that enthusiasm with people we meet?

Is it OTT or should people lighten up when they are paid complements. Are we too forward or are some women just being plain stush?

Get at me with your thoughts and experiences ladies, tell it like it is.

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9 thoughts on “Don’t Bug Me!

  1. zaiahshay says:

    Just plain stush. Maybe if you had wrapped your hair round the back of it and started to do too bad gal yank out, she would no herself a next time round.


  2. Tamikafj says:

    No I’m definitely with you, she obviously had other issues going on. I absolutely love getting compliments on my hair and vice versa, it makes those long, tedious hours of wash day all worthwhile!


  3. chocl8drops says:

    I always compliment women on how they look if I know them or not. I will tell a total stranger that I love he shoes/coat/dress and tell her she looks lovely. Luckily I’ve never had a bad reaction. Why can’t women embrace each other without the other being bitchy smh


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