Are Hair Steamers Good For Your Hair?

Dry hair is a common issue within the natural hair community. While doing some research online, I came across different options including hair steamers. They seem to be THE answer to dry hair but these should be used in moderation to avoid hygral fatigue.

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Hygral fatigue is when the cuticle swells and contracts excessively. This is caused by the continuous application of water to the hair after it has dried. Since the cuticle is not designed to open and close this frequently, it causes the strand to weaken and ultimately break. Hygral fatigue happens when you over moisturise your hair.

Here are quick tips to avoid these simple mistakes such as:

  • conditioning your hair overnight
  • re-applying water to your hair every day
  • not using enough protein treatments

Every good thing has a downside, even water, so use it with moderation. 

Ever suffered from hygral fatigue, share your story?



2 thoughts on “Are Hair Steamers Good For Your Hair?

  1. savvyzone says:

    Great post. Yes definitely, it is very essential to keep everything in moderation. I try not to over moisturise my hair, I just listen to it and pay attention to when it needs it most. Usually for me, I tend to remoisturise with product and rehydrate my hair with water once a week and no more than that as I have low porosity hair. So I can’t over do it even if I wanted to lol, which I never have a need to anyways.


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