Natural Fit Squad

I cannot lie I am a gym bunny…Training is my thing. I love nearly everything that involves leg workout, abs, weight lifting, pad work… Fitness has been an important part of my life those past few years and helped with stress and back pain. BUT when you have natural hair, working out can be frustrating. Most of those who participate in any type of physical activities will understand. I even contemplated cutting my fro off to make my life easier.

Here is my tip to refresh my curls after working out: steaming.

If your gym has a steaming room, you can steam your hair at the same time as relaxing your muscle. Use a leave-in conditioner to increase the moisture levels of your hair.

If you work out several times a week, make sure to give your hair some TLC. Deep conditioning with a steamer is also a great option. Use your favourite oil to help lock in the moisture on top. However, don’t abuse the steamer to avoid hygral fatigue.

Make sure to wash your hair on a regular basis as well to remove the dirt.

Share your gym tips below 🙂 



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