Get Your Afro Style Straight


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Happy Valentine’s Day Loves!


Remember to celebrate love everyday and not only on Valentine’s day 😉 

Stay Warm In Style


Urban Bliss Waterfall Coat With Wide Faux Fur Collar


Asos Tall Faux Shearling Coat


Asos Midi Coat In Plush Faux Fur


Jane Norman Black Faux Fur Wrap Coat


Melissa Collared Faux Fur Coat

Swimwear: Our Faves

Now that summer is around the corner (YAY!), slay on the beach with our selection of swimwear.

1,2,3 or 4? Tell us which one is your fave in the comment below.




December: It’s Party Time!

December is one of my favourite month, it’s the end of the year so this is an opportunity to look at what you have achieved the whole year, learn from your mistakes and start fresh.

But it’s also the opportunity to spend time with your family, friends, dress up & partayyy! Talking about dressing up, if you are still looking for ideas then you need to scroll down as you will be sure to find the perfect outfit for any event!













Gelda Multi Buckle Heels

Grab these babies before Summer lands on us. Made with approximately 100% leather and  4.5inch heel, you can strut in style. No risk of your foot sliding out with SIX  buckles gripping them securely to your feet.
Available in Nude or Black for £65.00 now at Topshop.

A soft pearl finish nail polish goes great with Nude open toe heels

Nude Gelda multi buckle heels Topshop

Nude Gelda multi buckle heels Topshop

Bring this black pair to life with a bold nail polish. Go the distance and opt for red 😉

Black Gelda Multibuckle heels topshop

Black Gelda Multibuckle heels topshop


Don’t let these beauties pass you!!

10 Top Tips to Dress With Confidence

1. What is the occasion?Micah Gianneli Dressing with confidence NaturalPride

It’s not rocket science ladies. The occasion will always determine what outfit is required of you *tuts her teeth at the girl wearing clubwear to attend a Christening – like really?!*. Even work can be classed as an occasion because if you are not required to wear a uniform, it is yet another opportunity to look fabulous.

2. Is it appropriate?

Use some initiative when it comes to creating an outfit, as you should know what is acceptable in specific situations and what is not. You should never have to change your dressing personality but, you should always be able to adapt your style if need be.

If you are going to show cleavage cover your thighs and vice versa, as there is a thin line between classy and inappropriate 😉

3. Is it comfortable?

How many times have you worn an item of clothing that left you pulling or tugging all day?! (Darn corset – looked cute but has as much comfort as sitting in a bath of cold water). Be sensible, opt for items that you know you can withstand if you had to wear it for long periods of time and you will never go wrong.

4. Recycling

We are now in a generation that have come accustomed to a ‘Throwaway Culture’. The amount of wardrobes that are probably cluttered with clothes that have not been seen since yesteryear, even though they were only worn once is absolutely epic! Turn that boob tube dress into an A-line skirt in an instant and act like it’s brand new.

5. Hairstyling

The hairstyles that can be created to compliment your outfit are endless. The afro has evolved and with a little attention to detail, that afro of yours will highlight the beauty of natural hair.

A tapered afro can bring a unique edge to the round shape we have grown to know and it is a very accommodating option for those who currently have a TWA (teenie weenie afro) or short length.

6. The perfect footwear

The perfect shoe can make or break an outfit. Have you ever had your attention caught by an attractive guy to have your eyes stop dead when you see his dirty trainers?! Well, it goes the same for us ladies, we can’t be looking sexy and be wearing shoes that are past their sell by date.

Everyone has an ‘old faithful’ (those shoes that you could wear on repeat until the end of time) but, try and be accommodating to what you are wearing to keep things interesting.

7. Accessories

If accessories are not for you that is fine but, they make a remarkable difference to any outfit. No matter what budget you have to work with, you will be able to find something to make your outfit pop!

8. Get creative

Sometimes, creativity can go a long way. Fashion is endless and by adding your own personal touches, you can create a look that no-one else can achieve. If you are feeling a look that one of our peers has created, why not adapt it? I’m personally dying to try a Turban Bun (Note to self: Must stop using headscarfs for sleeping purposes only), so I will be seeking designs that will fit into my dress code.

9. Try, try, try…

Never be too scared to ransack the wardrobe now and again until you find the right outfit. 9 times out of 10, you will probably wear the first outfit you tried on but you never heard that from me lol! The joys of looking good ay?

10. What is missing?

So when you have checked yourself from head-to-toe, the only thing left to do is strut down that imaginary runway and let the compliments roll in while your beauty radiates.

Maria Kerr

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What top tips can you add?

Fashion Week African Style

New York Fashion Week African Style Designer: Christie Brown
A beautiful bold range of colours, print and material. No matter what your skin complexion or hair do, strut with class!

New York Fashion Week African Style  Designer: Mai Atafo and Kelech Odu
A dash of colour mixed with a whole lot of sexy. These colours speak volumes.
Dress your man up in these cutting edge styles.

New York Fashion Week African Style  Designer: Naked Ape
Effortlessly cool style from a designer who has worked for GQ and as the fashion editor for Elle magazine. Be inspired..

New York Fashion Week African Style  
Designer: Serwa Duaba
For the hour glass silhouette these dresses will flatter. No more worrying about bulging,  as the tribal print acts as a perfect camouflage for any parts of the body that you wish to conceal 😉

New York Fashion Week African Style

Designer: Taibo Bacar
Dresses suitable for all occasions.
This summer make your presence known whether you have long hair or no hair, it’s all fabulous 😉


Ester Selassie

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Opposites Attract..

Monochrome is doing it again!
This colour combo screams style!

Topshops finest


Knock em dead in this
Geo Stripe Bodycon Dress

£29.00 from Topshop


Or this stylish
Sporty Mesh Panel Dress

£95.00 in Topshop


Reim2 Skinny Strappy Sandals
Are an absolute must to complete the look!
Great studded detail get it now

£50.00 Topshop

Happy Shopping 😉

Kotur Clutch

Margo Lace Minaudiere

Beautiful petite pink and white clutch bag

Margo Lace Minaudiere

Available at Shopbop

Go on.. Treat yourself 😉

…Love is in the hair

Love is in the air and whether you’re with Mr (or Mrs), Valentine’s Day is the one day where you want to make sure that you are looking on point! I’m talking about that, ‘Dress-to-impress’, ‘Kill-them-with-fashion’ outfit that makes your other half feel like the luckiest person in the world (which they are of course!).

So where do we start?! Sexy, sophisticated or pure swagger?  The choices are endless ladies and anyone that knows me will tell you that I’m not impartial to concocting an outfit out of all three.  Yes, I know I know, we should not fall into the commercial trap for this one day but even if we are staying indoors with someone special, a little effort will not hurt, right? January has just ended, there are still many bargains that can be picked up for next to nothing and with the right shoes and accessories, you can turn a plain piece into a knockout outfit.

Here’s a few ideas for having a kinkilicious Valentines:-

 Midi Bodycon Dress With Drape V Back
Teasehim with a glimse of your back
Shop it now £35.00

asos red midibodycondress Valentines day inspiration

Maxi Dress with High Low Side
Flash those sexy pins!
£35.00 ASOS

ASOS Maxi Dress with High Low Side Valentines day inspiration

Sexy Midi Pencil with Lace Insert
Lace oozes sex appeal, drive him crazy with this figure hugging beauty
£45.00 from ASOS

ASOS Sexy Midi Pencil with Lace Insert Valentines Day Inspiration ASOS Sexy Midi Pencil with Lace Insert

 Mini Dress with Diamond Back
Can’t go wrong with a mini dress 😉
Now only £10.00 at ASOS

ASOS Mini Dress with Diamond Back Valentines day inspiration ASOS Mini Dress with Diamond Back

So, when our outfit is chosen, what happens with our natural kinks? Well ladies, this is the time when you will put all you’ve learnt (whether by watching videos, hearsay or self-education) into practice. Natural hair can be a very sexy feature and the options are endless. There’s nothing that having access to water, oil, pomade, gel and hairclips can’t fix, even those bad hair days can be used to your advantage with a twist and a poke here or there.
Check out this vid for inspiration:

In the words of my beautiful friend,

Love, Peace and Hair Grease.

Maria Kerr

Versace Pre-Fall 2013

Stick it on the Wish List!

VERSACE Pre-Fall 2013

Studded Stiletto Shoe

Leather, studs and ankle cuffs!!… 

Versace pre-fall 2013 Studded Stiletto Shoes BlackAlso in Brown

Versace pre-fall 2013 Studded Stiletto Shoes Brown

Make that wish a reality, order now from Moda Operandi

Figure-Hugging Print

Flaunt your curves in this camouflage type, croc print dress

Perfect dress for a night out

::Warning:: Prepare to receive attention!

Get yours now from Karen Millen

Karen Millen Croc Print Dress

Baby It’s Cold Outside!


Faux Fur Coat



Stay snugly and warm in this cold season with this faux fur jacket by ASOS.

It has been crafted from a soft faux fur fabric. A beautiful cream pattern, animal print with a fully lined interior. This jacket has been cut with a regular fit and should see you through a few Winters!

Knitted Cardi


That Casual Swag

Cassie Knitted Cardi Coat from Whistles

Scarf Print Trousers from Zara

Elinda shoes by Kurt Geiger
(PS: They come in Pink too ;))

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…Bold, Cold and Beautiful

The time has come again when we have to choose what is warm, rather than what is fashionable o_O. Wrong! Winter doesn’t have to mean that we have to dress in a dull and dreary manner and in fact, it is one of those seasons where you are able to stand out from the crowd.

Fashion is always a matter of personal taste and as a Naturalista, there are so many options that can be looked into for winter, as our diverse hairstyles can always be complimented by the correct attire.

This Winter is seeing the use of burgundy grace the shops. Everything from faux fur-lined coats to Nike Blazers are being brandished with this delicious shade of deep red. Accessorising this colour with hints of gold or cream, emphasises the richness of this colour, making it a easy go to choice, which can be adapted for work or play.

NaturalPride NaturalPride


For those of us who are a little more daring, the use of bright orange and or patterns, has been made available to show bold personalities. Using patterns within our dress code doesn’t have to be done in a garish or distasteful manner and can be blended in well with plain colours to achieve dramatic effects.



The art of turning a mediocre outfit into a head turner, all lies in the accessories you choose. Many natural sisters have turned to wearing unique pieces which showcase all elements of natural hair styling. Gone are the days when gold or silver hoops were a must have item. If you are one who likes to rock a frohawk, the use of large earrings or oversized neck pieces allow that hairstyle to pop! The beauty of wearing a frohawk, is that it can be styled to be formal or informal, making accessory choice more specific.

NaturalPrideWinter doesn’t automatically mean that your other clothes will now have to be locked away, as layering is another way of creating a defined look. By layering, it not only gives you more scopes to create ‘new’ outfits but, it will be a lot friendlier to your pockets considering Christmas is just around the corner.

So when you are thinking about creating your next Winter look, consider the following:-

  1. What is the occasion? (Work, play etc)
  2. What colours would compliment your current hairstyle?
  3. Is it something you have worn before? If so, try changing an element so it doesn’t feel repetitive.
  4. Can you layer items to create a new look? (E.g. Long-sleeved blouse, covered by a waistcoat with an added statement piece i.e brooch)
  5. Have you covered your beginning (head – hairstyle), middle (neck to waist – accessories and clothing) and end (waist to feet – appropriate bottoms and the perfect footwear)?

So with our snoods (tubular scarf), coloured leather gloves (yellow with button detail) and hair fascinators at the ready, let’s create our new ‘black’ this Winter!

By Maria Kerr

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