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I was reading the story of Jessica Florence, a 24 year old woman who beat breast cancer and I was so impressed by her courage and how she decided to fight back the disease. Read the full story here.


Breast cancer can happen to any of us, it does does not care about skin colour or religion. This disease can appear under many forms, including:

  • a lump or area of thickened tissue in either breast that was not there before
  • a change in the size or shape of your breasts 
  • a rash on or around the nipple area
  • a change in the appearance of your nipple

It is important to get yourself checked, bring awareness and to support people with breast cancer.


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Natural Hair Music Video..

This is a must see!
“Clap along if you feel like boosting your energy!”
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Natural November Event

natural november uk natural hair event

Sunday 5th May 2013
11.00am – 7.00pm
Hammersmith Town Hall
King Street
W6 9JT

Bigger and better than ever before this is Natural Novembers health, wealth, natural hair & beauty event. Featuring a special selection of seminars, (holistic) services,  stalls and special guests! Ticket Information 


The Spring Nubian Beauty and Wellbeing Event

The Spring Nubian Beauty and Wellbeing Event

Saturday 27th April 2013
11.00am – 6.00pm
Cre8 Lifestyle Centre
80 Eastway
London, E9 5JH

This fab event is set to celebrate female health, beauty and the new beginnings that Spring offers. Ticket Information


Make sure your following us on twitter: @naturalpride for your chance to win a pair of tickets to attend this awesome event. Winners’ privileges include:
–  The Morning Meditation and Sexual Empowerment Session at 9.30am.
– And 1 prize giveaway per person.

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This competition closes at 9.00pm, Sunday 21st April 2013. After this time the winners will be chosen at random.

Natural Hair: What It Means to Me

For some people, natural is just wearing afros or stopping relaxers. To me it means much more. When I hear anything related to natural hair, I hear creativity, freedom, boldness, beauty… 

Natural hair: bold and beautiful

The styles that I have seen since I have started this journey are just stunning. Natural hair is so versatile; you can do literally anything you want with it. You can be sporting a fro one day, and comb coils the next day. Embracing your natural coils also increases your confidence, it really does! Choosing to transition or to do the big chop is not an easy decision. It’s a drastic change which requires a lot of courage and makes you more confident about yourself and your own beauty.

You will face critics and judgements, especially within the black community. You will have to develop thick skin and do what you think is best for you, despite other peoples negative comments. You will also need persistence when your hair doesn’t react the way you want it to. Sometimes, I wake up in the morning asking myself what am I going to do with this thick hair, but I usually get over it and try to be creative. Confidence is key, whether your hair is short, long, nappy or curly.

Natural hair and freedom

The freedom to be you, freedom from using relaxers, freedom from the stereotypes of unprocessed hair…
Being natural is accepting to be yourself, as God made you, and refuse the “standards of beauty”. Regardless of what we’ve been told from young and what the media’s image of beauty, I think natural hair is something to be proud of.

Another important aspect to take in consideration is the long term damage of strengthening products and extensions. For those who don’t know, this is what can happen to you. I hope it won’t, but it can.  

NaturalPride NaturalPride


Is it really worth it? Do you hate yourself that much to put yourself through that?

By Angele Amponsah

 Photo Source(s): vissastudios.com

Natural Eating Top Tips

For many of us who have started (or have always been in) our natural hair journey, we may have spent hours on end reviewing hair regimes, reading hair product reviews and getting to grips with that must-have hairdo. But what many of us fail to realise is that our natural hair journey starts from within, and without a healthy diet we will never achieve our true potential of healthy hair.


I’m not going to preach like I’m a food saint (soooo guilty of washing down junk food with water to make myself feel better lol) but, I do acknowledge the benefits of healthy eating.  There are so many fad diets out there, that many of us feel that if we just choose the right one, those pounds will melt away but really and truly, if we are not ready to adapt our lifestyles in terms of eating right, we will never be able to reap the benefits of a healthy body.

I know as Christmas and New Year approaches, money will be swallowed up in all the festivities and it always seems like eating unhealthily is usually the cheaper option but, with a little thriftiness, this does not have to be the case.

Here’s a few tips to that will help establish long-term changes in your eating plans:-
  1. Make sure you eat breakfast (within the first hour of waking up), as this will help to kick-start your metabolism for the day.
  2. Make sure each meal includes a piece of protein, as protein makes you feel fuller for longer (curbing you urge to want unhealthy snacks).
  3. Limit the carbs (you feel you can’t live without) to a third of your plate – this allows you to enjoy the food you love without going overboard.
  4. To promote healthy hair growth try to include foods like Salmon, whole grains, dark green vegetables and low-fat dairy within your diet.
  5. Buy bulk meat/fish from the butchers/fishmongers, as it always works out cheaper than buying from supermarkets and can be frozen for another time.
  6. If you choose to buy fruit and vegetables from the supermarket instead of market type stalls, always opt for offers so you get more for your money.
  7. Try to carry a home made lunch to work/place of study as it will stop you from buying a calorie-ridden alternative.
  8. And last but not least…DRINK PLENTY WATER! – Aim for 2 litres a day and drink two glasses at a time if you find it difficult to consume the water throughout the day. 


By Maria Kerr

 Photo Source: madamenoire.com