Happy New Year!

Happy new year all! Wishing you lots of love, happiness, great health and prosperity.

Make sure to take advantage of this year, keep growing and learning. Take any past lessons to better yourself. That business idea you have, make it happen; those new countries you want to visit, make it happen; that job you hate, change it… We tend to think way too much and to talk ourselves out of things we should be doing (negative self talk is real my friend!), but let’s change this now and step into 2018 #unbothered



To Go Or Not To Go To The Salon? That Is The Question.

As much as I love my natural hair, sometimes I just don’t want to deal with it especially when it comes to wNatural-Hair-Hair-Salonash day. Sadly, it seems quite difficult to find people to do your hair without damaging it. Few years ago, I had a really bad hair experience at a hair salon. It was for New Year’s Eve. Like many women I wanted to look good to start the New Year. The outfit was sorted, the hair was the only missing piece of the puzzle. I just wanted straight hair for a change and decided to go to the salon so it could be done professionally. It started quite well. Washing…Good…Detangling…Good…Blowout…Erm not s
o good. I had to tell her what to do and what made it worse was that my hair at the back got burnt in the process. It just would not curl back anymore when
wet so had to wait for it to grow back. Despite this unfortunate “incident”, I decided to give salons another chance 2 years ago for a treatment which was good. It really moisturised my hair deeply but at the end, the hairstylist left me with three uneven cornrows on the head with my hair still wet. So I asked what she was going to do after…she said “It’s done.” Wait. What?! She explained that if I wanted something else I had to pay extra. The treatment was quite expensive so I would assume everything was included! Here again I told her to take out these cornrows and do a fro instead. Obviously, they never saw me again…

If you too had a bad hair experience or a really good one, please do not hesitate to share with us.

Photo(s) source(s): @dazziling_braids 

Snapshot: The Wavy Hair Review

Hello ladies,

How is this New Year treating you, so far? Fine, I hope 🙂 . Have you taken any new resolutions that you WILL follow, this time. Yes, you know what I’m talking about… If  yes, good! Any “hair resolutions”? Excellent! This year, it’s all about treating our beautiful hair the way it should be. What it means is that we should now understand how our hair reacts to products, styling techniques, hairstyles, in order to proudly and fiercely wear it out. The more you know about your hair, the more confident you will be with it.

This week will be dedicated to the wavy hair type. Other hair types will be discussed later on, so keep following 😉

Wavy hair also known as “type 2 hair” is characterised by an “S” shape, it is usually shiny, lacks volume and can be a bit frizzy, but then again this group demonstrates a wide variety of “waves”. Porosity is also an essential aspect to take into consideration, it is the hair’s aptitude to absorb and retain water. By understanding this concept, you can get your hair to be healthier and more manageable. How? By choosing products adapted to your hair pattern.

Wavy hair

Wavy hair tends to be porous, therefore to keep it healthy, here are few tips:

  • Reduce the heat, your mane will thank you for it. If you still want to use the heat, use a diffuser, it will also help to enhance the waves
  • Use a conditioner after shampooing your hair, with a sulfate-free shampoo to avoid drying it out
  • Use a gel without alcohol to define your waves

Here are some Vloggers with wavy hair you can look at to get some tips on maintenance, styling, and products to use:

Elleraquel Youtube Channel

Ericabelle89 Youtube Channel

SunKissAlba Youtube Channel

Now, you can incorporate all this knowledge into your regimen and embrace your natural beauty. Knowing more about your hair and feeling good about it should improve your confidence. Wavy hair can sometimes get frizzy in contact with humidity, so knowing which products works for you will help you “control” your mane. Another important aspect is not to try and create the PERFECT hairstyle. It can damage your hair due to over manipulation and product build-up. And you know what… Who cares? Just let it be, wild, messy and free.

Angele Amponsah

Photo Source: pinterest.com/azzi

New Year New Hair Goals

Soooo, Christmas is over, the New Year is here and we’re 5lbs heavier (don’t lie because I know you are!). So what’s next for us Naturalistas?! Setting goals that’s what! I’m not talking about New Year’s Resolutions, I’m referring to goals we can set and achieve in regards to our hair.

Over the years, many of us have probably lost touch with what we should do with our hair. We’ve probably fallen into the path of repetitive hair styling (the ponytails that have terrorised our hairline) or have a lack of enthusiasm when trying to maintain healthy hair.

For those who have just started ‘the journey’, setting hair goals will be a prime way to keep the motivation flowing and those who have become stuck at the same point for a while (e.g. stunted growth), goals can help develop new ways to rejuvenate the love for your hair that has been lost.

Goals are there to provide challenges for us and once accomplished, your sense of achievement will be overwhelming but worth it! From starting my natural hair journey with a hair length of one inch, I never would have thought that it would be collarbone-length in 15 months, (the same length that my hair was when I decided to cut it). My personal goal is to reach armpit-length by the end of the year and I have faith that with a little care and attention to how my hair is maintained, this is an achievable goal if I remain dedicated and I know all you Kinks will keep me on target.

Hair Length Chart

If you know you’re one of those people who can’t stick to long-term goals, start off small. Base your goal on a month or two, unless you know you are in it for the long haul.

Here’s a few goals to get your juices flowing:-

  1. Trim off all dead ends so you can start this year’s journey off fresh
  2. Phase out the need to use chemical induced products and opt for natural ones instead
  3. Grow your hair half an inch each month – stay motivated by documenting the growth with pictures & a journal

Remember, we must crawl before we walk but we will all get our desired look with a little patience 😉

By Maria Kerr

Tell me some of your hair goals?

New Year’s Resolutions Revisited…Again!

I don’t know about you but this year has gone by so fast! Do you remember when you it was the beginning of the year and you noted down all the resolutions/changes that were going to be made and adhered to? Now as 2013 is upon us, realistically, what did we stick to? Did we drop down two dress sizes, give up alcohol or quit smoking for good?! Probably not but if we truly want to accomplish these things, we have to change our way of thinking, otherwise they will remain goals we will never achieve.

Personally, I have dabbled in a few resolutions over the years and if truth be told, I have never achieved more than a week before losing motivation or completely forgetting about it. I am hoping that next year will be different as I have many personal goals that I would like to achieve in order to give myself and family a more prosperous life.

I have seen many people being taken away from us over the last few years with plenty more life to live and it has definitely been an eye-opener into why we should set positive objectives. Our resolutions don’t always have to be something which we have put in place each consecutive year, only to fail through lack of determination. Setting smaller goals will make them easier to achieve, especially if they are based on shorter periods of time. Many people always base their resolutions on themselves but, there are other ones that can be made to ensure an impact in your life.

Give these potential resolutions some thought:-
  1. Spending more time with your loved ones, as life is too short.
  2. Eating healthier, in aide of promoting a good well-being as well as healthy natural hair growth.
  3. Set aside a small amount each month to help with those potential rainy days.
  4. If you have a dream, share it with someone that you know will encourage you to stay on track and make this dream a reality – we have nothing to fear but ourselves.
  5. Make the absolute most of each and every day!

Let’s make 2013 the one to remember!


By Maria Kerr