The Benefits of Henna

Having had the same hair colour for many years (good ol’ black), I decided to try using Henna as a means of giving my hair a red glow. I did not want anything that could be deemed as offensive (within my work environment) but a colour change that could be picked up in the sun.

The versatility of natural hair means that, using subtle or bold colours to highlight the hair, can give hairstyles a more dramatic or defined look. I located a box of Henna that I had sitting in my cupboard (we all have products sitting there that we have never used) and started to research the best way of colouring my hair.

The brand I used is called Royal and each box contains five powdered sachets. I mixed all the sachets with the following:-

  • Black Castor Oil
  • Honey
  • Conditioner (Herbal Essences – Yellow)
  • Water


After applying the Henna to my hair, I wrapped my hair in cling film and let it sit on my hair for 2 hours (which I now realise may not have been long enough) and then shampooed/conditioned afterwards.

My results?

If you are lucky enough to catch me in sunlight, you may see a smidgen of red but other than that I have noticed:-

  • My hair is much shinier (a comment also stated by my colleague)
  • The texture feels must softer
  • It retains moisture for longer

In terms of hair dye, Henna would not be my first choice as I would not like to have Henna sitting on my hair for long periods of time (it is quite messy depending on the consistency or the products you add and is a pain in the behind to remove if it is splashed anywhere).

As a means of creating a nicer texture, I would definitely look to use this again but maybe once every 3-6 months.

Have any of you had experience of using Henna? If so, what were your results?

Let us know!


Curl Enhancing Smoothie

So you have your natural kinks, coils and curls and want to define them so they stand out. Curl enhancing smoothies are at the top of everyones shopping list for this purpose alone but do they work?

The thing with curl defining products, is that they generally only work if you have a curl pattern within your hair texture to begin with. In saying that, Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie has had rave reviews in regard to bringing life back into ‘crunchy’ wash-and-gos, lifeless spirals and hair which can sometimes be unmanageable.

This protein-rich product has allowed users to moisturise and condition their hair, without a greasy build up or the feeling that the hair is being weighed down. The product does not have any holding qualities, so should therefore be used in conjunction with something else to help maintain your hairstyle and reduce possible frizz.

Depending on your locality, obtaining this hit on the market may not be so easy to reach. Prices online may vary for the UK market (as the product is being imported), and start at approximately £15. If used sparingly, the 340g tub can last for a long period of time, making it a welcome addition to your natural hair routine.

NB: This product has the benefit of including proteins which can help to nourish your hair but, all you naturalistas who are protein-sensitive may wish to stay clear.

Mane Divas Free Hair Clinic

Mane Divas free hair clinic natural hair products UK


Sunday 5th May 2013
12.30pm – 2.00pm
The Wood Barber & Hair Salon
92 Snakes Lane East
Woodford Green

The first of the Mane Divas Hair clinics will be covering a range of topics to inform, guide and advise you on your chosen hair style.

This clinic session will consist of an experienced speaker, a question and answer section and tips and tricks for you to take away. There may even be a chance for you to win some hair product goodies 😉 More Information


Senegalese twists tutorial NaturalPride

Senegalese Twist Tutorial: Part 1

Senegalese twists tutorial NaturalPride

Following the success of the Mini Twists tutorial the Senegalese ‘how-to’ has been requested. This is a protective hairstyle, very good if you want to give your hair a break. The combination of the extensions twisted in with your hair reduces noticeable frizz caused by weekly washes. These twists can usually last between 4 – 8 weeks when looked after right. If you want to add a bit of length or colour to you hair without any permanent changes go ahead and get twisting 😉

Products Used

Eco Styler Styling Gel from Cosmetic Solutions

(Similar extensions to the pack used in the video) Xpression from Your Hair and Beauty

Tutorial Video

Caution ❗ If like many of us particular parts of your hair are weak or your hair-line, try your best not to twist those areas to tight. The extra weight from the extensions can cause hair to break from the root if done too tight. 

Photo Source:

Mini Twists on natural hair Alicia James

Mini Twists Tutorial

Gorgeous Two Strand Mini Twists

Alicia James Mini Twists Natural hair

These beauties are so versatile. Easy to style and protective.
Although they can take a long time to do… In the tutorial below they took 10hours BUT do not let this deter you lol. Once they are in they can stay in for a very long time. 

Products Used

Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme available from British Curlies 2oz or 16oz 

Hair Tip: Mini twists can be done on wet hair but they will not come out stretched. They’ll appear shorter but and this creates a totally different look, funky and full of volume (I prefer twists on wet hair) 😉

Photo Source:

Success With Your Hair

Like everything in nature, change take time. The time you wait for things to change can be considerable, but often worth it. If you planted a rose seed yesterday; you would not expect the rose to be in full bloom today. Viewing the rose in all its silky vibrant beauty may take a while.

This is the human condition in one, we all grow in different time spans and stages. For that reason to avoid frustration when dealing with natural hair:


  •  Write a hair diary or a hair journal
  • Jot down when you first decide to go natural and the milestones you have met, tangible progress made
  • Note how often you wash your hair, blow-dry, trim (split ends occur whether hair is natural or otherwise)
  • Most importantly give your hair the time! Don’t expect over night success, enjoy the journey

Taking all into account, the most favorable way to achieve a high standard of finish with natural hair is to invest in products, (without becoming a product junkie lol). Some may disagree, however simply washing, combing and wrapping up at night is quite redundant and anti-productive (especially if you wish to go through different hair extrapolations). Below I have included one of my favourite product of the moment.

Esters choice

Olive Oil Formula Conditioning Spray OilPak Cosmetics Palmers Oil

A luxurious natural spray oil that helps condition hair and scalp.  Formulated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vitamin E, this easy to use spray oil is ideal for braids.

Available sizes:

150ml, buy now at Pak Cosmetics


Ester Selassie


The Twisted Halo Natural Hair Style

The Twisted Halo

The Twisted Halo Natural Hair stye

Feel like a Queen with these beautiful flat twists
Inspired by the Grecians it’s so easy to create.
Throw in some bold pieces, they suit this look
(hanging earrings and bright flower hair accessories).
You shouldn’t have to look any further than your hair draw to get going with this one

Products and Accessories Used

Eco Styler Styling Gel from Cosmetic Solutions

Jumbo Bobby Pins from NM Beauty

Vintage Crystal Blooms and Butterfly Hair Slides from Ebuni or Crystal Butterfly Hair Clip from Glitz4Girlz

HairTip: This hairstyle is much easier to do on stretched hair. Heat can be used but it’s not necessary, plait your hair a few hours or days before you intend to twist it up 😉

Photo Source:

Ooooh la la natural hairstyle

Ooooh La La!

Picture of natural hair style uo do

Simple, quick and easy hairstyle with a vibrant splash of colour!

Accessories Used

Orange flower hair pin from St8ment

Flexi Rods from Boots

Banana Clip at Glitz4Girlz

Products Used

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Edge Control Hair Gel at Pak Cosmetics

Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner Ebay


The Curly Hair Pop Up Shop

Curly Hair Pop Up Shop Event

Saturday 26th January 2013
12.00pm – 3.00pm
The Albion
2-3 New Bridge Street, London, EC4 V6AA,

One day only sale! Free consultations! Reductions on Afrocenchix Products! Please book a consultation in advance by emailing: More Information 


Wavy Locs

Pipe Cleaner Curls


For the ones sporting dreadlocks, here is a tutorial on how to curl your locks. Super springy and full of life, click on the links and follow the steps.

Products Used

Organic root stimulator lock and twist gel from Pak Cosmetics

Black Pipe Cleaners at John Lewis

Watch the how to here:
Hair Tip: Flexi Rods can also be used to create a similar look but their size will determine how defined your curls will turn out. 

Part 1

Part 2

Source for Photo:


Chunky Twist Out


Chunky Twist Out

Unravel those twists and unleash your hair into this beautiful bold twist out!
Watch the tutorial and get the accessories below 

Products Used

Doris New York Leave-In Conditioner at Doris New York

Doris New York Olive Oil Hair Cream from Doris New York

Stay On Satin Edge Bonnet at Pak Cosmetics

Outfit & Accessories

Oval Hoop Earrings: from Warehouse

Black Shirt: from H&M

Denim Skinny Jeans: from River Island

Black Sammy Boots: from Kurt Geiger

Watch the Chunky Twist Out tutorial here:
Hair Tip: Your hair does not have to be blown out to create this style. You can also twist the hair from wet, make sure that the hair is dry before you lose it out. Your curls will be tighter and more defined for the final look 😉

Source for Photo:

A Style We Love

The Flat Twisted Side Bun

Flat Twisted Side Bun

This easy elegant style can be worn at the office or for a night out… and it’s perfect as a protective style for the winter

Products Used

Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil unrefined from Vitaminsuk

Ampro Styling Gel at Cosmetic Solutions


Gold disc earrings similar at Fashion Jewellery House

Want To Learn How To Do It? Check Out This Video

Source for Photo:

Short and Sexy Finger Coils

Finger Coils

Finger Coils

This simple hairstyle is sensitive scalp friendly. It doesn’t pull and it adds a real sense of character to TWAs. Give it a go!

Products Used

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie from Outer Beauty Supply

Palmers Extra Virgin Olive Oil at The Glamour Shop

Hair Comb Slides, x4 Pack clear in colour at Glitz4Girlz


Ribbed Military Jumper from Nordstrom

Get The Look Tutorial

 Source for Photo:

Curly Fro Work It Girl!

Defined Curls

Define Your Curls

Fancying some colour this season? Get this electric lipstick and master the look

Products Used

Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse at Design Essentials

Elasta QP Feels Like Silk Design Gel From Jinnys Mall

Jumbo Bobby Pins from NM Beauty


L’Oréal Lipstick at: Superdrug

Owl Studs Earrings: Lissele Jewellery

Watch this tutorial to define your curls

Source for Photo:

Glamorous Diva Natural Updo

See how this gorgeous French braid protective up style looks on you. Links to accessories and tutorial below 🙂

Products Used

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie at Outer Beauty Supply

Hair Clamps from Boots


Earrings: similar at Revolveclothing

How To Get This Updo Video

Source for photo:

It’s a Natural Thing

Bantu-knot Twist Out

Want to be casual and still be stylish
Follow the links to get the outfit and learn how to do the hairstyle below…Enjoy!

Products Used

TRESemme Naturals Conditioner from Boots

Curl Junkie Daily Fix Cleansing Conditioner at British Curlies

Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner from British Curlies

Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Heat Protection Gloss at CurlMart

Outfit & Accessories
Cardigan: It is so simple but I loooove it!!!Forever21
Shirt: H&M
Necklace: Forever21
Bantu-knot Twist Out Tutorial

Tip: You can do this style on wet hair and take it out the next morning…you’ll get a similar result 😉

Source for Photo: