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The Colour Complex

Colourism: prejudice or discrimination in which people are treated differently based on the social meanings attached to skin colour.

Well before slavery, terms such as “darkness” and “black” had negative connotations. In a lot of stories and legends these terms were synonymous with evil. Slavery reinforced those beliefs since slaves with fairer skin tones had a better treatment compared to slaves with darker skin tones. Light-skin slaves tended to work indoors, doing the easier tasks. Dark-skin slaves used to stay outdoors doing the more difficult tasks.

This perception is still ingrained in our society. Brands taking advantage of this and making financial gains by promoting skin bleaching (*cough**cough*Nivea).

Even on social media, the amount of nonsense I have seen is just ridiculous and a lot is coming from us. “This is how light skin n***a” …; #darskin***asbelike…, “you’d be so beautiful if you were lighter” …TRASH, TRASH and TRASH.

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When you hear older generations saying about babies: “He’s so cute! Hope he’s going to keep his light skin” in the fear that the kid might become a little darker?! The worst thing is that this thinking is passed on from generation to generation. I do not have kids yet but I’ll make it my mission to make sure they love themselves regardless of their skin tone.

I am not saying that you should not embrace your skin tone. My point is you do not need to do it at the expense of another one. Black comes in so many different shades and we need to stop feeding into this nonsense.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Am I Pretty?

Slim waist, big bum, thick tights, big breast… How many times have I heard these words. Do these characteristics define beauty? What happens when you don’t meet these standards of beauty?  Surgery? Fake bums and boobs?

Our society (meaning WE) puts too much emphasis on physical appearance. We’re so quick to use easy fixes without taking into account the consequences. We’re so into the “now” rather than the long term. Look at our relationships… this is another subject for another day.
Self love

On one hand, you have some thick girls wanting to lose weight by any means necessary; some dark skin girls wanting a lighter skin tone using skin bleaching creams. On the other hand, you have slim girls craving for butt implants.

This is our duty as women to teach our sisters/daughters to learn how to embrace themselves. You don’t have to look like Barbie to be beautiful.

Your thoughts?

Bad Hair?

Nothing annoys me more than when people refer to themselves or another as having ‘bad hair’. What does that even mean?  I have always taken the stance that everyone has ‘good hair’ but, there are many who have poor maintenance. This could be due to lack of knowledge of nurturing their hair or because their hair is over-processed by heat, products, chemicals etc.

Is it society that has placed ideologies of what hair perfection should look like in our minds? Or is it narrow-minded people who cannot see what beauty is beheld within the uniqueness of individuals?

How many times have you heard a phrase like, ‘I hope my baby gets coolie (Indian) hair’? Or, ‘Your hair is so nice, what are you mixed with?’ It is very disappointing that there are times when our hair cannot be embraced for what it is and its’ versatility celebrated, as opposed to it being a negative talking point – ‘Your hair is so  nappy, why don’t you just get a weave or a relaxer?’

We were all created differently and there are always methods you can use to make your natural hair easier to manage, without having to resort to following the so called ‘European’ standard. You should not have to change or manipulate your hair for it to be deemed as more acceptable, whether it be within a corporate environment or any other setting.

Ladies, let’s change this mindset of grading hair and just show encouragement for all. Remember, there is no guarantee for those luscious locks once we are old, so cherish what you have and just do you! Don’t worry about other people’s opinions, as we have but one life to live and it should be blessed with positivity, not worries about superficial things.