Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE 2014!

23 Apr

Afro Hair & Beauty Live Logo 2014


Afro Hair & Beauty Live 2014

May Bank Holiday weekend see the return of Europe’s biggest showcase for afro hair and beauty. Taking place on May 25th and 26th 2014 at the Business Design Centre, Islington, Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE! is set is set to mark yet another successful year in its’ 33-year history.

At The Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE you’ll find award-winning hairdressers, specialist beauticians and cutting-edge fashion all under one roof. Take the time to indulge with a customised manicure at one of the many pop-up beauty booths or take the stress off you mind with an Indian head massage. The show has everything you could wish for from henna tattoos to professional eyebrow threading and eyelash extensions – all at cut prices. Not only that but the runway will be in full swing with fashion shows, dynamic hair competitions and show special presentations from the leading names in the ethnic hair and beauty industry. If any of the clothes you see catch your eye visit the Afro Hair & Beauty Fashion Boutique to bag a one-off piece at a special show price.

Other features include the Sensational Icon competition where top hairstylists display imaginative avant-garde styles that can only be described as visual masterpieces. Along with the fiercely charged WAHL Battle of the Barbers competition which sees barbers from all corners of the UK work their skills.

Take advantage of this spectacular weekend and see the latest product innovations on the market and interact with the best of the best in the industry, including the fabulous natural hair celebrity stylist, Felicia Leatherwood known as the ‘Hair Whisperer’ who will be at the Beautiful Textures stand.

After the success of last year the interactive debate will be returning, a chance for you to put your burning questions to our top industry panel. Plus this year for the first time ever Afro Hair and Beauty LIVE are bringing you a beauty interactive debate with our panel to consist of well-known names in the beauty industry.

Take advantage of our FREE seminar programme which covers a wide range of hair and lifestyle related topics, and the many giveaways up for grabs.

With SO much going on, this is a show not to be missed!

Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE
25th and 26th May 2014
Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1
Nearest Tube: Angel

For interviews and press enquires please contact:
Jessica Fuller, Public Relations
020 7498 1795

 For more information visit

Hot Mondays!

21 Apr
Hot Monday naturalhair man

Yum Yum


Teach ‘em From Young…

17 Apr

Young dapper

Natural Girls Be Like…

16 Apr

Natural Girls Be Like

Is this you?



Don’t Bug Me!

15 Apr
I said her hair looked nice and she threw me shade!

Don't Bug Me

I just saw a woman at the station with really thick beautiful natural hair in ringlets, spiralling down her back. I walked up to her and said “Your hair is gorgeous, do you know if it is 4a, b, c etc?”. This is the first time I’ve ever reached out to a Naturalista and been given the cold shoulder, her face was made up and her body language said “why are you bothering me, go away!”

Which makes me question, I know we are very keen and enthusiastic about our natural hair journeys, which is great but are we wrong to want to share that enthusiasm with people we meet?

Is it OTT or should people lighten up when they are paid complements. Are we too forward or are some women just being plain stush?

Get at me with your thoughts and experiences ladies, tell it like it is.

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Peace. Love. Gratitude

15 Apr



Hair Romance

14 Apr



Hot Mondays!

14 Apr

Hot Mondays!

Shampoo? Think again…

13 Apr

Good hair is HEALTHY hair. But did you know that there are other alternatives to shampoos?

Long curly hair

Here are few options to cleanse your scalp and hair:

Clay/Mud: When used on the hair it acts as a detoxifying mask. Clay helps cleanse the hair and scalp, and leaves the hair shiny. It is good for fine hair as it can also make hair thicker. Bentonite clay, rhassoul or kaolin clay are the most popular ones. Mix the clay with water and apply directly on the scalp, massage and rinse. Other ingredients can be added to the mix like extra virgin olive oil, honey or camomile tea.

Baking soda and apple cider vinegar: baking soda cleanses the scalp however try to avoid it on your tresses as it can dry them out. Mix a bit of baking soda with water, apply directly to the scalp, massage and rinse. To condition the hair, mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water and pour the mix on your hair and scalp, let it sit for few minutes and rinse. Apple cider vinegar smoothes the cuticles and leave your hair shiny and smooth. It also enables to balance the pH of  your mane and is excellent for dandruff.


Have you tried any of them? Share your experience. 




The Hair!

9 Apr

We don’t do things in halves
Great Hair quote not fully dressed without it

Hair vs Style

8 Apr

It’s not about the type of hair you have,
Everyone has #hair,
It’s about what you do with it…
natural hair updo


Hot Monday!

7 Apr

Hot Monday!

Hot Monday


100% Hair Envy

4 Apr



Creativity Meets Style

3 Apr

Creativity Meets Style

New Army Rules Ban Protective Styles

2 Apr

New Army Rules Ban Protective Styles

On March 31, the Army released an update to its Army Regulation 670-1, along with an educational PDF to assist leaders in instructing soldiers on acceptable forms of grooming.

The PDF included clarifications for both male and female soldiers. Though the 60-page document is loaded with new information, one piece in particular has received a lot of attention: “Twisting two distinct strands of hair around one another to create a twisted rope-like appearance” — a popular style among black female soldiers — is now forbidden. And, in case there’s any confusion, there’s a collection of images that illustrate exactly what they mean. In response to the ban, Sgt. Jasmine Jacobs started a petition asking the White House to reconsider the changes to AR 670-1, as they “offer little to no options for females with natural hair.” And, she’s got a point, read more from >>Refinery29<<

He proposed!

2 Apr

He finally popped the question and you said YES! Congratulations!  

After the cries, screams and the ridiculous long hours spent on the phone with your mom, sisters, dad, friends, aunts… It’s time to prepare for the big day and you know your hairstyle got to be on point. Don’t you worry about a thing, we got you.

Check out these stunning hairstyles and get inspired before walking down the aisle. ;)

locs updo


Curly hair


Chic updo


Sophisticated chignon


Elegant natural updo


Afro for a lovely bride






I’m so ‘wrappy’!

1 Apr

When you’ve exhausted your go-to hairstyles and just want a break, check out these unique wrapping styles from the beautiful Love Your Tresses!!!



Hot Mondays

31 Mar


Naturally confident

30 Mar

So, you’ve been dating a guy for a few months now and you use false hair as a means of protecting your natural locks. It is now time for you to do the big reveal and show this guy what you are really working with but, how is he going to take it?

The reality is, many females hide behind the cover of a weave, as they feel it shows their beauty in its’ truest form but many men would love to see your confident curls and you sashay through the week with an abundance of hairstyles #HairVersatility.

Moving from relaxed hair to natural, I notice the increase in guys who approach me. Even if it is just to comment on my hair and I must say, it feels absolutely amazing! Confidence should come from within, not from the human hair that you’ve spent an arm and a leg on and trust me, I’ve seen the prices that some of these suppliers are retailing it for…crazy!

Ladies, unleash those fros, bounce those curls and va va voom those styles, as these guys have no idea how sexy natural hair is.


Rock It, Own It, Love It!

28 Mar

Self Confidence is the best outfit


Deadly combination!

27 Mar

Deadly combination!

Natural hair and toned body?! 


Hot mondays

24 Mar

Hot mondays

Stop the madness!

23 Mar

Have you ever wondered why your hair isn’t growing? Why is it breaking?

big hair

I have a good news for you :) . Your hair is growing, you are just not retaining length.

Here are few reasons why and solutions:
- Your hairstyles: over manipulation and heat can seriously damage your hair. Leave your hair alone! Use protective styles so you don’t have to manipulate them too much and slow down on the heat.
- Your diet: check your diet. You know what they say: “You are what you eat”. It also works for the hair.
- Loss of moisture: There is only two solutions here. Moisture AND seal your ends. Water (the gold liquid) is a natural’s best friend and should be used daily in your diet or directly on the hair.
Use humectants to retain the moisture and make them more flexible. Humectants act like magnets, their role is to attract moisture that is in the air. However, they should be used with caution depending on the climate you are in. In dry climate, like winter, use moisturising conditionner instead, as there are not enough moisture in the air, otherwise they are excellent to avoid dry hair. Great humectants include glycerin, honey and panthenol.
Once that moisture is in your mane you need to seal it, as it evaporates quickly. Oils and butters such as shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil are great sealants.

p.s.: if you suffer from excessive hair loss, you might want to consult your GP.

Stay tuned for more tips!

Follow, share and comment ;) .

Natural Hair Movement Travels to West Africa

22 Mar

Natural Hair Movements Moves to West Africa

In the Ivory Coast, a fairly new group of woman meet every two months in the capital of Abidjan. The group calls itself “Nappys de Babi,” and the 2,400 odd members share tips on how to maintain their natural hair.

The main goal of “Nappys de Babi” – which is a combination of “natural,” “happy,” and Abidjan’s nickname – is to convince black women to forgo relaxers, extensions, and wigs. However, most of the women haven’t worn natural hair since their teenage years.. Read more from Clutch Magazine >>here<<

Curl Enhancing Smoothie

21 Mar

So you have your natural kinks, coils and curls and want to define them so they stand out. Curl enhancing smoothies are at the top of everyones shopping list for this purpose alone but do they work?

The thing with curl defining products, is that they generally only work if you have a curl pattern within your hair texture to begin with. In saying that, Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie has had rave reviews in regard to bringing life back into ‘crunchy’ wash-and-gos, lifeless spirals and hair which can sometimes be unmanageable.

This protein-rich product has allowed users to moisturise and condition their hair, without a greasy build up or the feeling that the hair is being weighed down. The product does not have any holding qualities, so should therefore be used in conjunction with something else to help maintain your hairstyle and reduce possible frizz.

Depending on your locality, obtaining this hit on the market may not be so easy to reach. Prices online may vary for the UK market (as the product is being imported), and start at approximately £15. If used sparingly, the 340g tub can last for a long period of time, making it a welcome addition to your natural hair routine.

NB: This product has the benefit of including proteins which can help to nourish your hair but, all you naturalistas who are protein-sensitive may wish to stay clear.


Seriously Cute ✌

21 Mar

Seriously Cute

Can’t Nothing Bring Me Down!

19 Mar

Beacause I'm Happy

Because I’m happy ;)


Fresh 2 Death Clique

18 Mar

My Clique

My Clique 2


Hot Monday!

17 Mar

Hot Monday

Remember This..

16 Mar

Hot Comb

Remember blowing on the comb when it first came off of the fire to cool it down lol

Why did you have to sit through it, was it for the high school prom,
family christening or a wedding?

Tell us your hot comb experience



Teach Your Girls To Love Their Curls

15 Mar

Baby Afro



14 Mar there-is-an-inner-beauty-quote



Crazy, sexy, cool

13 Mar

Crazy, sexy, cool


Please, I know I’m cute

12 Mar

Flaunt it!


Gorgeous Multi Style Hairdo!

11 Mar

Gorgeous Hairdo


Hot Mondays!

10 Mar

Hot Mondays!

Hot Mondays!

24/7 Bobby Pins!

8 Mar

Never run out of bobby pins again!

Bobby pin necklace

The art of the bantu knot out…with a twist

7 Mar


Many alternatives exist when it comes to styling natural hair.
Here’s one: the two strand twist bantu knot out. Easy and stylish at the same time. Check out BeautyistheMotive‘s tutorial and get those bouncy curls!


She Will Make You :)

6 Mar

She Will Make You :)



5 Mar


  @mitipretty and her head full of curls…


Retro Red Carpet

5 Mar

Janelle Monae

Hot Mondays!

3 Mar

Curly, afro, locs… What is your favourite hairstyle on men? Share with us :)


Locs on fire!

1 Mar

Locs on fire!



28 Feb




27 Feb



It’s a lifestyle baby!

26 Feb

It's a lifestyle baby!



24 Feb

I'm fabulous hair

You know what time it is…

24 Feb

Hot Mondays!

Hot Mondays!!


Think like a Queen

23 Feb

Think like a Queen

A European flair…

22 Feb

The versatility of natural hair makes the element of ‘impossible’ want to run and hide for cover. When I was younger, the one style I wanted to master (for its’ sheer quirkiness) was the French braid. The French braid has now been dissected to allow you to achieve your inner diva! Check out this French braid updo with its’ simple yet effective style and suitability for all occasions. French braid, we salute you!


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